About Us

LooseByte started as a result of a growing need in today’s society – the constant need for companies to feel safe and protected from cyber attackers. We live in an era where the steady evolution of the digital space breaks down new barriers every second and takes the user experience to new peaks.

The magnitude of this development has attracted the attention of cybercriminals – the so-called “hackers”. As digital data has become one of the most important and valuable resources in the world, hackers started to look for ways to illegally take access to it.

Although from a professional point of view, we have the same technical skills as they do, the motivation that brought us here today is completely different. We want to help others. We are users as well and we understand how terrifying the feeling of knowing your data is insecure can be. Also, by working with companies we found out how hard is for them to cope with the constant wave of cyberattacks.

LooseByte designed its services with its customers’ needs in mind so that they include a vast majority of the most common methods used in cyber attacks. Our experience, creativity and our desire to make the digital community as safe as possible guide us in providing services that offer you a high degree of safety – both for your business and for your users.

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