Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review


Secure Code Review is the process of auditing an application’s source code to confirm that there are adequate security and logical controls and that they work as intended. By inspecting every line of code, this process aims to identify the most important coding issues – such as input validation flaws, hard-coded credentials, and insecure data handling – which may lead to severe security vulnerabilities.

Secure Code Review is a recommended process in the Software Development industry and should be integrated into every Software Security Management Process, as many security regulations (PCI, HIPAA) request.

Secure Code Review Process


During the Secure Code Review process, our specialists will manually look over your application’s code and check, from a security perspective, its flow and logic. All the entry points which may pose a security risk (e.g., those parts of the code which process input data coming from the user or methods which handle the login process) will be carefully analyzed. We’ll also inspect the security controls implemented in your application and check if security best practices are followed within the code.

Automated source-code scanning tools can be useful when working with applications having massive code bases as they can point out areas of code which may be prone to security issues. However, they are incapable of understanding the application context and logic and usually throw many false positives. This is why we chose to base our Secure Code Review process on manual analysis while still inspecting all the security issues we identified using our specialized tools.

A Secure Code Review implies that the data flow responsible for every possible input of the application is thoroughly analyzed, thus getting to the exact root cause of every security vulnerability. Any functionality implemented in the code which takes external input data such as an SQL query or a custom text written by a user may represent an insecure code pattern.

Benefits for your Business

  • Get an assurance that your applications are developed according to secure coding guidelines
  • Identify severe coding issues which are hard to find using traditional security procedures and techniques, prior to production
  • Train developers to identify insecure coding techniques that could lead to security vulnerabilities and write more secure code
  • Become compliant with existent regulations

Secure Code Review and Penetration Testing


Secure Code Review may be the most effective way to identify security issues. Used in conjunction with Penetration Testing and recommended security tools, it can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the security audit.

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